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Wheels Up is a Virginia DMV-authorized training facility, offering the Motorcycle Safety Foundation’s Basic Rider Course (BRC) curriculum. This curriculum is the nationally recognized standard, and it meets or exceeds the minimum Department of Motor Vehicle training requirements for most states – including Virginia.

What this means is that the student’s successful completion of the BRC at “Wheels Up” meets Virginia DMV’s written and practical testing requirements for motorcycle licensure (M2 endorsement on your Operator’s License), and therefore enables our students to leave the training site with a temporary license in hand on the same day the course is completed. No further DMV testing is required.

Our #1 priority, however, is to provide complete, quality instruction that equips our students with the skills they need to ride safely on Virginia roads, not just to expose them to the basics and hope they “get it.”

The “Wheels Up” BRC is a 15 hr. course delivered in a 2-day format instead of the traditional 3-day format. The class is comprised of a few hours of classroom education followed by practical range exercises each day. Class sizes are limited in size to maximize practical riding time for our students. We plan to offer basic through advanced training opportunities, including private instruction, 7 days per week depending on instructor availability. Other custom class configurations, including corporate team building sessions, are also available. Although no motorcycle experience is necessary, bicycle riding experience is extremely helpful. If you have never ridden a bicycle, this class may not be for you. Please contact us for additional guidance.

Our experienced instructors are certified by the Virginia Rider Training Program (VRTP), and many are also experienced, public safety professionals.



WHEELS UP Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How much does the BRC cost? An “open registration” class of 4-6 students is $300 per person. We do offer 1 on 1 training at $80/hr.

Do I need to provide my own Motorcycle for the BRC? “Wheels Up” will provide clean, professionally maintained, late model motorcycles (250cc & 300cc) for use in the BRC.

What kind of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) is required for the class? All students are responsible, and required, to wear at a minimum while riding on the range: ¾ coverage or full-face helmet meeting DOT standards, protective eyewear (sunglasses and/or helmet visors are permitted), long sleeves, sturdy long pants, full-fingered gloves, and sturdy footwear that covers the ankle bones (high-top athletic shoes do not qualify). Ladies are reminded LOW-HEELED, rubber-soled footwear is BEST suited for operating motorcycle foot controls. Higher heels will likely prevent the safe operation of the motorcycle's shifting and braking controls, resulting in the inability to successfully complete the program. These are state-mandated requirements for all DMV-licensed training sites, so there will be no exceptions. Students should arrive prepared to ride on both class days. In case of inclement weather, students are encouraged to bring along some form of rain protective attire. Any questions regarding specific PPE items can be addressed by an instructor prior to the beginning of class. We can provide a limited number of helmets, gloves, and eyewear, though the use of personally owned PPE is preferred.

What about the weather? The only weather-related reasons to suspend a class are for safety, such as ice on the range (in any form) or lightning. If it simply rains, congratulations – we will teach you to ride in the rain at no extra charge! We are even designing a rain simulator to add that element on warm, sunny days if desired. Inexpensive rain suits are available at several retail outlets.

How are classes scheduled? Class schedules are based on student necessity and instructor availability on both weekday and weekend schedules. We are available 7 days per week, so if you contact us with your special requests for other arrangements, we will attempt to meet YOUR needs.

How do I get into a class? Please register on-line through this web site for any of the available dates posted, or for custom class configurations, please contact the training staff at Training@ClassicIron.com with your name, email, a reliable contact number, and your group size and we will contact you with availability and pricing options. If your preferred class choice becomes full before you secure a seat, please let us know and we can put you on a stand-by list in case of a late cancelation. If the online registration process accepts your registration, you can assume you are successfully registered. You will receive an email reminder a few days prior to the class. If you cannot register, the class has likely already reached capacity. If in doubt, please contact us by telephone to inquire

Do I have to have a learner's permit? Applicants over 19 years of age do not have to apply for a permit before taking the class. If their permit has already been obtained, the certificate of completion will waive the usual DMV holding period. Upon successful completion of this course, the graduate may take the certificate to the local DMV Customer Service Center, pay the associated fees, and process the permanent M-2 motorcycle endorsement (DMV will require a new photo, issue a temporary document, and the permanent license will arrive in U.S mail). DMV applicants under 19 must hold the permit for 9 months. The BRC completion certificate will still waive both tests, but those students will not obtain their motorcycle endorsement until the 9 month holding period has been met. Students under 18 will require a parental signature on the standard liability release in order to attend a BRC.

What other types of training are available? We can provide one-on-one training on an hourly basis 7 days/week to work on specific rider problems, riding in the rain (under development), on-road skills development on your own motorcycle, police rider skills, etc. If you have a specific need, please drop us a line at Training@ClassicIron.com.

Wheels Up/Classic Iron embraces the needs of our customers and class participants without regard to race, sex, color, creed, or national origin. However, for the safety of all our customers and staff, ALL motorcycle training participants MUST be able to understand and respond to safety instructions in the ENGLISH language, in both written and verbal form. For safety reasons, we reserve the right to remove from class, any participant unable to respond appropriately to instructions provided to ensure a safe training environment.

Refund / Cancellation Policy

The class seat reservation for which you have paid may prevent another person from planning to attend. Therefore, No refunds will be given for cancelations made less than 48 hours before the class date unless we can fill the seat you are vacating from our stand-by list.

If you fail to arrive on time, leave, or sit out any scheduled exercise or classroom unit for any reason other than medical, you will be considered withdrawn from the course and the course fee will not be refunded.

Riding a motorcycle can be dangerous. If you are riding in an unsafe manner or pose a safety risk to yourself or other students, the instructor may review your performance with you and recommend that you withdraw from the course, or exercise his or her authority to remove you. You may also voluntarily withdraw from the course if you do not feel comfortable enough to continue. The course fee will not be refunded under these circumstances.

By state regulation, a student enrolled in Motorcycle Safety Class must attend all classroom units, must participate in all range exercises, and successfully pass both the written and range skills assessments in order to obtain the Class M-2 endorsement.

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